Those Who Desire Paradise

Paradise is a beautiful place where Muslims will enter on the Day of Judgement by the will of Allah. However in order to take a seat in Paradise, we must strive very hard in this life. In this lecture, Bilal Assad narrates inspiring stories, which shakes the heart and causes the eyes to shed tears, of men and women who truly deserved Paradise by remaining firm on their religion despite all the merciless persecution and hardship. These inspirational stories are from before, after and during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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Signs Of The Last Hour

Bilal Assad takes us for a journey of the Day of Judgement- 1 day which its length is equivalent to 50,000 years! Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): ?A questioner asked concerning a torment about to befall. Upon the disbelievers, which none can avert, From Allaah, the Lord of the ways of ascent. The angels and the Rooh [Jibreel (Gabriel)] ascend to Him in a Day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years? [al-Ma?aarij 70:1-4]. A heartfelt lecture putting into perspective the reality of this life and the next.

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Sheikh Bilal Assad

Bilal was born in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia. He started his Islamic studies at a very early age and acquired his Shariah knowledge in Lebanon; and continued tertiary education in Bio-Medical Science in Australia. Bilal has been offering his service to the community for many years and has been working with the Islamic Society of Victoria for over ten years.