For many generations Nuh's people had been worshipping statues that they called gods. They believed that these gods would bring them good, protect them from evil and provide all their needs. They gave their idols names such as Waddan, Suwa'an, Yaghutha, Ya'auga, and Nasran.

Originally these were the names of good people who had lived among them. After their deaths, statues of them were erected to keep their memories alive. After sometime, however, people began to worship these statues. Later generations did not even know why they had been erected; they only knew their parents had prayed to them. That is how idol worshipping developed. Since they had no understanding of Allah the Almighty Who would punish them for their evil deeds, they became cruel and immoral.

Allah in His Mercy sent His messenger Nuh to guide his people. Nuh was an excellent speaker and a very patient man. He pointed out to his people the mysteries of life and the wonders of the universe. He pointed out how the night is regularly followed by the day and that the balance between these opposites were designed by Allah the Almighty for our good. The night gives coolness and rest while the day gives warmth and awakens activity. The sun encourages growth, keeping all plants and animals alive, while the moon and stars assist in the reckoning of time, direction and seasons. He pointed out that the ownership of the heavens and the earth belongs only to the Divine Creator. Therefore, he explained to this people, there cannot have been more than one deity. He clarified to them how the devil had deceived them for so long and that the time had come for this deceit to stop. Nuh spoke to them of Allah's glorification of man, how He had created him and provided him with sustenance and the blessings of a mind. He warned them not to worship anyone but Allah and described the terrible punishment Allah would mete out if they continued in their evil ways.

The people listened to him in silence. His words were a shock to them. Noah's people were divided into two groups after his warning. His words touched the hearts of the weak, the poor, and the miserable and soothed their wounds with its mercy. As for the rich, the strong, the mighty and the rulers they looked upon the warning with cold distrust. They believed they would be better off if things stayed as they were. Therefore, they started their war of words against Nuh.

The rulers were tired of Noah's arguments and said "O Nuh! You have argued with us for a long time now, give us what you threaten us with, if you are of the truthful." He replied "Only Allah will bring it (the punishment) on you, if He will, and then there will be no escape”. As time went by, the disbelievers stopped arguing anf began to be rude and insulted Allah’s prophet.

Noah continued appealing to his people to believe in Allah hour after hour, day after day year after year. He reminded his people and called them to Allah day and night, in secret and openly. But whenever he called them to Allah, they ran away from him. Whenever he urged them to ask Allah to forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears and became too proud to listen to the truth.

There came a day when Allah revealed to Noah that no others would believe. Allah inspired him not to grieve for them at which point Nuh prayed that the disbelievers be destroyed because they were misleading lots of people. After this, Allah instructed Nuh to build an Ark.

Noah chose a place outside the city, far from the sea. HE collected wood and tools and began to day and night to build the ark. The people's mockery continued, because they didn’t understand why Nuh would be building an Ark away from the sea.

The ship was constructed, and Noah sat waiting Allah's command. Allah revealed to him that when water miraculously gushed forth from the oven at Nuh's house, that would be the sign of the start of the flood, and the sign for Nuh to act.

The terrible day arrived when the oven at Noah's house overflowed. Noah hurried to open the ark and summon the believers. He also took with him a pair, male and female, of every type of animal, bird and insect. Seeing him taking these creatures to the ark, the people laughed loudly: "Nuh must have gone out of his head! What is he going to do with the animals?"

Nuh's wife was not a believer with him so she did not join him; neither did one of his sons, who was secretly a disbeliever but had pretended faith in front of his father. Likewise most of the people were disbelievers and did not go on board.

Water rose from the cracks in the earth; there was not a crack from which water did not rise. rain poured from the sky in quantities never seen before on earth. Water continued pouring from the sky rising from the cracks; hour after hour the level rose. The seas and waves invaded the land. The interior of the earth moved in a strange way, and the ocean floors lifted suddenly, flooding the dry land. The earth, for the first time was underwater.

From the Ark, Nuh spotted his son, he called out to him and said “Come on board in the Name of Allah, and do not be with the disbelievers” his son however, replied, "I will get myself onto a mountain, it will save me from the water." Nuh said "This day there is no saviour from the Decree of Allah except him on whom He has mercy." Just then a wave came in between them so his son was among the drowned.

When the earth had flooded and all of the disbelievers were destroyed, Allah commanded the earth to swallow up the water and for the sky to withhold its rain. The water diminished and Nuh’s Ark was rested on Mounth Judi. Nuh was then told by Allah to come down from the Ark with the believers.