Sheikh Jamaal Zarabozo

Sheikh Jamaal Zarabozo is a well known Scholar and long time convert to Islam. He is internationally renowned as aspeaker and author of a number of books, including the three-volume Commentary on the Forty Hadith of al-Nawawi, How to Approach and Understand the Quran, Purification of the Soul and others.

A Guide for the New Muslim (12 CDs)

Al-Basheer is proud to introduce a new CD collection from renowned author and Sheikh, Br. Jamaal Zarabozo. The new collection is called A Guide for New Muslims and is one of his best introductions to Islam yet. The collection is also of benefit to those who are looking to revert to Islam, as well as those who are looking for valuable Dawah materials. Br. Jamaal Zarabozo offers his insight and practical guidance to those entering Islam, and answers many frequently asked questions from those new to the religion. These highly recommended CDs will be a good reference material and source of education for you, your family, friends and Dawah practice for time to come and a good addition to your CD/lecture library.Overview of the series:


CD1- The Purpose and Goals of the Series

CD2- The Basic sources of Islam: Quran, Sunnah & Hadith

CD3- The Universality of Islam and Its Timelessness

CD4- Testimony of Faith; Islamic Law and Fiqh

CD5- Special Rewards for the Convert / Issue of Faith and Marriage from Pre-Muslim Days

CD6- Islamic Creed and The Article of Faith

CD7- The Ritual Acts & The Five Pillars of Islam

CD8- The Character, Morals & Relations of The Muslim

CD9- A Muslims Social Interaction Towards a Spouse

CD10-A Muslims Social Behavior with Neighbors and Non-Muslims

CD11-The Social Behavior with the Society as a Muslim

CD12-Motivating and Increasing Ones Faith


In this series of lectures, Shaykh Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo presents an in-depth study of one of the most vital topics for Muslims in West: Religious Extremism. These eight presentations provide one of the most detailed analyses of the subject to date. Being thoroughly accurate, Shaykh Zarabozo imbues a high academic standard, thereby quenching the intellectual thirst of the listener. The topics covered include the following: 1- Important Concepts of Extremism Defined. 2- The Shariah's Prohibition of Extremism. 3- Manifestation of Extremism. 4- The Concept of Extremism. 5- The Evils of Extremism. 6- The Solutions for Extremism.


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Allah’s Final Revelation to Mankind

Shaykh Jamaal Zarabozo explores our modern day society in light of Allaah’s final revelation to mankind… “Then do you wonder that there has come to you a reminder from your Lord (i.e. the Qur’an) through a man from among you, so that you may fear Allah and that you may receive (His) Mercy? [7:63]

Al-Fatihah - An In-Depth Study

Muslims have been commanded by Allah to recite Soorah Al-Fatihah a minimum of seventeen times a day. This fact, in itself, should alert the Muslim to the extreme importance of this concise but deep soorah. Indeed, the Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) referred to it as Umm al-Qur’an or “the foundation of the Quran itself.” Its teachings aptly touch upon and summarize the entire spectrum of Islamic teachings. As a Muslim grows in his understanding of Soorah al-fatihah, the quality of his daily prayers can be greatly affected and improved. When the quality of his daily prayers are improved, in reality, his entire being can be transformed into a true and blessed servant of Allah, one who fulfills the pact he is making with Allah when he says, “You alone do we worship.”


In preparing this series of lectures, Br. Jamaal Zarabozo has benefited from the vast resources detailing the implications of this beautiful soorah. What the scholars have said about this soorah and what this speaker has captured is not only uplifting but it is a guide for the Muslim’s life. There is no prayer without Soorah al-Fatihah and, thus, there should be no Muslim living without the guidance and teachings of this soorah. With this introduction, you are invited to listen and encounter the in-depth meaning of Soorah al-Fatihah.


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Envy: Al-Hasad

In this series of lectures, the speaker first explains the central role of the heart and the dangers of diseases in the heart. Next comes an indepth discussion of the concept of hasad and its evil consequences. This is followed by steps one can follow to remove this disease from one's heart. Finally, the positive aspects of the obligatory hasad, competing in good deeds and sacrificing for the sake of others-the antidote to hasad-are discussed.


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