The concept of the Mahdi is one of the most controversial and greatly misunderstood topics. Different sects have proposed radically variant beliefs about him. In this lecture Sheikh Abu Adnan sheds light on the Prophetic descriptions of the Mahdi. He explains the signs of the Mahdi, the trials and tribulations that shall accompany him, sorting out fact from fiction. What he looks like? What is his role? what are his achievements? what do the Shi’a believe about him?

Legends of Islam

This set is a introduction into the lifes of some of the greatest warriors in the history of the world. Muslims living today should know about the Great Heroes of Islam and these lectures are an excellent way to introduce us to these Great Heroes of Islam. We all need role models and who better to be our role models than the people who sacrificed there families, wealth and lives to honour this deen. It is the sacrifies of such men that the deen came to us today and unless we follow there example how will the deen continue down to the generations to come insha'allah.

The Four Great Imams

In this series, Dr. Hesham, Al-Awadi depicts the lives of the four great Imams. He beautifully describes their lives as students, scholars and members of society. Dr. Hesham will take you along an inspirational journey through the life and genius of Imam Abu Hanifah, the dignity of Imam Malik, the talents of Imam al-Shafi'i and the steadfastness of Imam Ahmad. Dr. Hisham succeeds in presenting the Imams in a manner that allows the listener to relate to them, and consequently benefit from their great lives regardless of whether the listener is--or aspires to be--a scholar or not. According to the Quranic injunctions this is the most important objective of presenting history. This series belongs to a category of Islamic knowledge that is among the most needed: The knowledge that attempts to revive the Muslim identity and connect the Muslims to their rich heritage.


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Life Of Imam Bukhari

Dr Hesham Al Awadi - born in Kuwait and was educated in the United Kingdom. He did his BA, MA, MPhil and PhD in the field of Middle Eastern politics and history, in various British universities including the University of Cambridge. He also has a diploma in Islamic Studies from the institute of Islamic Studies, Cairo. He is a lecturer of Middle Eastern History at the Institute os Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK


CD1: Parents and Teenage years. 
CD2: Characteristics. 
CD3: Companions, Teachers and Students
CD4: Tribulations and Final years. 

The Life of Bukhari and Lessons

His name, ‘Abu Abdillah Muhammad Ibn Ismail Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Al-Mughirah Ibn Bardizbah Al-Bukhari.’ He was born on 13 Shawwal 194 AH / 810 CE after the Jumuah Salaah in Bukhara in the territory of Khurasan (West Turkistan).


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Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi

"The Worshipper, The Warrior, The Conqueror, The Legend Salahudeen al-Ayyubi, celebrated by the muslims as the liberator or al-Quds and equally revered by the west for his compassion and bravery. The CD lecture details the heroic life and efforts of this warrior and ascetic, may Allaah have mercy upon him. Those who believe, and have left their homes and striven with their wealth and their lives in Allah's way are of much greater worth in Allah's sight. These are they who are triumphant.

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Profiles of Courage : Story of Imam Ahmed

Profiles of Courage is the story of Imam Ahmed. It gives us a glimpse into Islamic history almost 1200 years ago. It is an amazing story that helps us to draw strength from its striking parallels to our lives and times today. It is the powerful and unshakable stand of one indomitable believer - Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal - A scholar who stood strong and tall in the face of the oppression.


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