Prophet Adam 

'alayhis salaam

Allah (swt)made the mountains and the seas, Hemade all of the animals, He made the heavens and the stars.He made the sun and the moon and He made the angels.The angels were like Allah's servantsand did everything that Allah ordered them to do.Then Allah decided to make a man, Allah made this man with His very own hands which shows how special the man was. He called this first man Adam and taught him many thingsso that Adam had more knowledgethan the angels.

There was one Jinn,called Iblis, who used to worship Allah day and night. Iblis was a very devout worshipper, however, that only lasted until Adam was created. Iblis felt as though he was better than Adam and he in fact began to become jealous of him. He became so jealous that when Allah ordered all of the angels and Iblis to prostrate to Adam, all of the angels prostrated and the only one left standing was Iblis. Iblis was disobedient towards Allah and so Allah didn’t allow him to stay with the angels any more. He was now known as ‘Shaytan’, the Devil.

Iblis was already doomed for the hellfire due to his disobedience, but he had also asked Allah to let him live until the Day of Judgement and until then he would try and lead as many people astray as possible because he wanted to take them to the hellfire with him.

Allah allowed Adam to live in Jannah, or Paradise. It was a very beautiful place but Adam felt a little lonely because he was by himself, therefore, Allah created Hawa to be Adam’s wife. Adam and Hawa were allowed to stay in Jannah and eat from any tree that they wished except for one tree. Allah had told them that they were not allowed to eat any fruit from that tree.

Shaytan, who wanted them to disobey Allah, came to them and whispered to them that they should eat from that tree and how delicious the fruits were. After a while they began to listen to Shaytan and thought they would have a little taste of the fruit from that tree. This made Shaytan very happy because he had made them disobey Allah.

As soon as they had eaten the fruit from that tree Adam and Hawa both knew that they had done something very wrong, both of them sincerely asked for Allah’s forgiveness and Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind, forgave them, but, they were no longer allowed to stay in Jannah, they had to live on Earth.