Prophet Hud

‘alayhis salaam

A long time ago, a great tribe lived in the South of Arabia. They were called ‘Aad. They were very clever and could do many things. They used the mountains for their homes. They carved out great mansions with wonderful pillars. They called their city Iram and It was very famous.


The people of ‘Ad were tall, handsome, and strong people. They were excellent architects and skilled engineers. They liked to build castles and magnificent buildings, and they planted beautiful gardens and orchards. But they didn't realise that their abilities and the natural resources around them were gifts . In spite of all these gifts from Allah (SWT), they denied His power. Even though the people of ‘Aad were great builders, they had no morals.


As time went on, the people of ‘Aad thought more about themselves and less about Allah. They thought they didn't need Allah, because they had lots of money and power. They thought they were being clever but really they weren’t. Before long they turned to bad ways. Gangs of them used to rob and kill people that were travelling by.


There was still one good man amongst them. His name was Hud and he did not belong to any of the gangs. He did not agree with the things they did. He tried to tell them to stop their bad ways and told them to follow Allah's ways. Hud said Allah would punish the bad ones but most of the people still would not listen. They thought they were more clever than the messenger of Allah.


Allah told Hud to take all the good people into a big cave near the city. The very next day a terrible tornado came and only the good ones, the ones who had listened, were saved.