The products that will be sold by Greenbirds will mainly consist of clothing (T-shirts, hoodies etc.) personal email accounts that will be sold on a yearly subscription basis, as well as E-learning Courses.


The following terms and conditions apply to all use of the Greenbirds website. By placing an order with us you agree to have read, understood and accepted to these terms and conditions. Please note, as these may be subject to change at any time without notice, it is your responsibility to check this page prior to any use or purchase. If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions; please contact us before use or order placement.



Clothes orders


  • When placing an order, you agree that all details you provide to for the purpose of purchasing goods are accurate and complete in all respects.

  • All orders are subject to product availability and acceptance by Greenbirds.

  • The price and availability of goods are subject to change without notice.

  • By placing an order via this website, you are making an offer to Greenbirds to purchase the goods detailed in your order upon the terms described, at which point your payment card or Paypal account will be pre-authorised.

  • You certify that the payment method you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover payment of the product/s ordered.

  • If any product from your order is unavailable, we will contact you by email, then attempt to fulfil your order and confirm details of any cancellation made where fulfilment has not been possible.

  • We are unable to make amendments to an order after the point of despatch. Should you wish to make any changes prior to despatch, please contact our Customer Services team

  • Refunds and exchanges can only be made within 7 days, after this we will not accept any refund or exchange requests.

  • It is a crime to use a false name or a known invalid credit card to order. Anyone caught wilfully entering an erroneous or fictitious order will have their details passed onto the Police.

  • Delivered to the UK only.



Personalised email



We are offering limited edition personalised emails with the domain “”. You accept these Terms by creating an account with Greenbirds, by using our services, or by continuing to use the services after being notified of a change to these terms.


There are two types of accounts available, a Premium Account and a Basic Account. The money received for these email accounts will be reinvested into our E-Learning courses, charities or anything beneficial. We aim to put as much of our profits into da’wah work as possible.


Premium Account


The cost of the Premium email account is £30 per year; this works out to be £2.50 per month. The Premium account is ‘premium’ due to the extra benefits the user can gain. The aim of a premium account holder is to promote and bring subscribers to the Greenbirds email account services. You will receive £12.50 for every five subscribers you bring,


for example:


5 subscribers - £12.50

10 subscribers - £12.50 + £12.50 = £25.00


Every 5 subscribers that you bring, you will have an opportunity to bank the money or carry it on to 10 subscribers to have a chance to double your revenue.


For example:


5 subscribers - not bank the £12.50

10 subscribers = £12.50 + 12.50 = £25 x 2 = £50


The money will only be doubled if the money is not banked after the first five subscribers and the maximum of 10 subscribers needs to be reached to double your earnings. If, however, you choose to bank the money, you start the process again, whereby you receive £12.50 for every 5 subscribers.

You can choose not to bank the money after 10 subscribers and bring a further 10 subscribers (total of 20 subscribers) which will double your earnings again.


For example:


5 subscribers       10 subscribers       15 subscribers        20 subscribers

     £12.50         +           £12.50             +        £25.00          +        £25.00

                     Doubled to £50 if not banked               +               Doubled to £50 if not banked = £100



Which makes a total of £150 per 20 subscribers.


After every 5 subscribers you will have the opportunity to bank the money. If the money is not banked and you do not reach the next 5, you do not make any earnings.


Basic Account


The basic account will cost the user £25 per year and consists of you using our email services according to our terms and conditions. No extra money can be made with our basic accounts.



Email terms and conditions





Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, it is part of our privacy policy that your personal data will not be shared with any third parties nor will it be stored by Greenbirds. The only instance where we will access your email account/personal data is to retrieve a forgotten password or to gain access to an account which has had its security compromised.




Many of our services allow you to store or share your content or receive material from others. We don’t claim ownership of your content. your content remains your content and you are responsible for it.


Code of conduct


Content, material or actions that violate these Terms are not permitted. By agreeing to these Terms, you’re under the obligation to follow these rules:


  1. Do not do anything illegal

  2. Don’t engage in any activity that exploits, harms or threatens to harm children

  3. Do not send spam. Spam is unwanted or unsolicited bulk email, postings or contact requests

  4. Do not publicly display or use the services to share any inappropriate content or other material.

  5. Do not engage in activity that is harmful to you, the services or others, e.g. transmitting viruses, stalking, posting illegal content, communicating hate speech or advocating violence.

  6. Do not aid others in doing illegal activities or breaking these rules



We reserve the right to suspend your account if the content exceeds the limits on storage or file size allowed (1GB) If you violate any of the obligations listed under ‘Code of Conduct’ we may take action against you including suspending your account. No refunds will be provided in these circumstances. We also reserve the right to remove or block your content from the services at any time if it is brought to our attention that it may be breaking the law or these terms. While under investigation, Greenbirds reserves the right to review and monitor your content. However, in normal circumstances we will not be monitoring the services and make no attempt to do so.



Payment terms


If you purchase our services, then these payment terms apply to your purchase and you agree to them. There is a charge for this particular service which needs to be paid before the email account is made available to you. Once the payment is received you will be given access to your email account along with all of its features. Your bank may charge you additional fees for your transactions, please contact your bank for these details.


Recurring payments


When you purchase the email domain, you are authorising Greenbirds to take yearly recurring payments from your account until the subscription is terminated by you or Greenbirds. If at any time the payment is declined, we have the right to terminate our services from you and we reserve the right to take any extra fees that were due from your designated account.



Service availability


We try our utmost best to keep the services on our site up and running; however, all online services suffer from occasional disruptions and outages. In the event of an outage or disruption to the service, you may not be able to retrieve your content. We recommend that you regularly backup your content that you store on the services using a third party service.






Having access to and using Greenbirds’ e-learning service is subject to the following terms:


  • The content, information and materials featured in our e-learning products are for the general information and use only. All content, information and materials featured in our e-learning products are exclusive to Greenbirds.

  • The user must agree not to resell or make a profit out of the e-learning products or individual e-learning sessions nor use our content to develop their own service.


If any of these terms are compromised by the user, Greenbirds may block access to the website’s e-learning services and any related content.


No personal data will be shared with any third parties unless it is required by law or with the user's permission.




Greenbirds are currently not placing any fees on the e-learning services. We reserve the right to charge a price in the future and this may be without notice. This will not affect anyone who has already enrolled on to a course before the charge.




Greenbirds reserves the right to modify any content, information or materials featured on the e-learning products, including but not limited to the e-learning lessons, video clips, audio clips and additional resources, at any time without prior notice.

Terms & Conditions