About Us

GreenBirds is a UK-based Islamic project with the aim to convey the correct teaching of Islam throughout the wider communities. This is achieved by ensuring our research is to the highest standard for authentic Islamic materials, which is based on the correct understanding. Founded in 2016, GreenBirds’ main outlook is based on the following verse from the Qur’an:

Thus, We made you a Wasat (Balanced) nation [Surah Baqarah; 143]

Our religion is one that is balanced, we have seen over a number of years many young and new generations misunderstanding and misquoting the message of Islam and are resorting to other means without having grounding knowledge. The birth of certain groups, including far right groups and the media, has tarnished the image of what Islam truly portrays. Our aim is to engage with the wider society and articulate the balanced and compassionate message of Islam to revive the correct teachings, bring them back to the correct path by educating them to have the right balance and correcting misconceptions that they may have, this helps to reduce tensions between communities due to lack of understanding.

​With the advancement and popularity of technology, we have dedicated our time and energy into creating new E-Learning courses to educate our youth and community. Of course the best way of learning is under the feet of scholars and teachers, however we aim to provide our services to those who have no access to scholars and teachers and are financially struggling or time restricted to sit in a class.

​We will also be selling merchandise with the GreenBirds brand, we aim to use money from this to reinvest back into the community through da’wah work and youth projects as well as using it to sustain, improve and update the courses and resources that we provide.