Exemplary Principles

Concerning the beautiful names and attributes of Allah

This short E-learning course will be based primarily on the above title, however there will be other materials which will be used to make it more detailed. The E-learning will also consist of materials such as video, audio and debates to build your intellectual understanding, it is a unique approach to tackle other ways of learning. Our approach is not only to gain valuable knowledge but also critically analyse, reflect and have awareness of how one can tackle debates when the time arises. So time to time you will be asked to see/here a short video/audio and reflect on those, this is just another way to call it a break from study However, it is to increasing your intellectual faculty. At the end of the course, you will be able to critically reflect, analyse, summarise, memorise key aspects which will deepen your understanding within the specific subject area, and be confident in your approach to debate. 


These courses have been specially customised using carefully selected materials to further enhanced those skills. This will build your knowledge and purify your intention and increase your love for knowledge إن شاء الله.